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Bad things about Aruba-country

Here we tell you the Cons of living in Aruba-country (aruba):

  • ❌Expensive; Not much to do; Too hot in the summer; Very humid now; Not many travellers/backpackers go here; Very difficult to make friends; Difficult to do business; Quality of education is low; Hospitals are pretty bad; Freedom of speech is weak; Not very democratic; Not safe for women; Hostile towards LGBT

Important data from aruba

  • Inflation 2017= -0.0031
  • Inflation 2018= 0.0373
  • Unemployment Rate= 7%
  • Number of inhabitants= 106,053
  • Annual population growth= 0.00
  • Annual growth of the total population= 383
  • Population density/Km2= 589
  • Area in km2= 180
  • Number of migrants= 201

Quality Indices in aruba

  • Social security index= 0.00
  • Individual’s freedom index= 0.00
  • Generosity Index= 0.00
  • Corruption perception index= 0.00