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Prices and Salaries in Singapore-country

Updated prices for 2023
Are you thinking (planning) to move or visit Singapore-country (Singapore)? Would you like to know the cost of living?

Global vision Singapore-country

  • Cost of living = €€€ (3/5)
  • Happiness= ♥♥♥♥ (4/5)
  • Life expectancy= 83 years
  • Quality of environment= (/5)

Cost of Living in Singapore-country

Consult all the information in order to know how much it would cost you to live in Singapore-country (Singapore) whether you are traveling, living, working, vacationing or just curious. Below, we have made complete lists of data based on the cost of a wide variety of products, goods and services. Here you can find an updated travel guide and how it is to live in Singapore-country.

Important data from Singapore

  • Gross Domestic Product, GDP 2021= 340 EURO Billion
  • GDP per capita 2021= 58057 EURO
  • Inflation 2021= 2.3%
  • Unemployment Rate 2021= 2.2 percent
  • Number of inhabitants= 5.7 Million
  • Population density/Km2= 8383
  • Area in km2= 700

Quality Indices in Singapore

  • Happiness index= 6.90
  • Income per capita index= 1.62
  • Social security index= 1.65
  • Individual’s freedom index= 0.74
  • Generosity Index= 0.27
  • Corruption perception index= 0.50