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Prices in Restaurants in Agana

How much does it cost to go out to eat in a restaurant in Agana (Guam)? Here you can discover the prices for a coffee, water, soft drinks, daily menus, hamburgers and restaurants:

  • 🌯Food for one person in a cheap restaurant= 8.56€
  • 🥘Food for two in a good restaurant= 42.8€
  • 🍔Macdonals menu= 6.85€
  • ☕️Coffee with milk in a cafeteria= 3.14€
  • 🥤Can of soda (0.33l)= 1.62€
  • Water bottle (0.33l)= 1.71€

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Important data from Guam

  • Unemployment Rate= 8%
  • Number of inhabitants= 167,245
  • Annual population growth= 0.01
  • Annual growth of the total population= 1,527
  • Population density/Km2= 310
  • Area in km2= 540
  • Number of migrants= -506

Quality Indices in Guam

  • Social security index= 0.00
  • Individual’s freedom index= 0.00
  • Generosity Index= 0.00
  • Corruption perception index= 0.00